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My Oblivion
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12th-Sep-2013 10:50 pm(no subject)

Always the computer. Always video games. I am never enough.
I don't nag anymore, I try to be loving.
Not enough.
I wonder if he would even miss me. He says he would but his words are empty to me.

17th-Oct-2010 10:28 pm - Cons of home ownership

I recall all those years when all i dreamed of was being a home owner and I laugh at how silly and naive I was. Our AC is messed up again. I am so tired of something always going wrong!

I realize all my blessings, I really do. Although it is starting to roll downhill, i have my health and my family. However, I am in a really angry and dark place right now.

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5th-Oct-2010 04:01 pm(no subject)

I am so angry right now! We have too much work and i cant push people to do more! I hate my boss for taking in too much stuff just because he is trying to climb that corp ladder. I also hate Sterling for not working so i am stuck here working 70 hours a week, keeps me too busy or tired to look for other work. Finally i hate myself for being so self involved.

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4th-Oct-2010 11:15 am - Work

I need to re focus on the job hunt. I need something to do daily that i feel good about

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21st-Jan-2010 11:02 am - Am I sick or just stressed?

Woke up at 6:45am by alarm
Very restless night of sleep
I felt super lethargic and heavy, as if someone was holding me down, I felt resistance from all angles. I went to lay back down.
Hard to breath, not gasping for air, but just felt like I couldn’t get enough air.
Stomach hurt a little, not nauseous, just achy.
I took my blood pressure, because I felt like my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. BP was 115/78, 87 beats per minute.
I read up on symptoms and warning signs for heart attacks in women. It is hard for me to know if this is what is going on with me, or if I am imagining or seeking out these symptoms. I am extremely stressed and maybe this is just anxiety. I am torn, do I go to the hospital and accrue a large medical bill, only to be sent home telling me it was nothing and to just see my regular doctor? Do I assume it is nothing, and pay the consequence later if it IS something?

I decided to go to work anyway, and that is where I sit now. Unsure on what to do.
9th-Oct-2009 11:47 am - Took the day off
Ahhhh, it is nice to be off work. I wanted to scream and walk out. Today I slept until 7:45, got up and ate a bowl of cereal, watched the Today Show, and caught up with my recorded shows, Dr Oz and Oprah.

We got our old manager back at work, and that is disappointing. I was so happy with our new one. He got promoted to Director. I am happy for him, and he is still working closely with us, I am grateful for that.

Last week a group of us went to see "Paranormal Activity". It was pretty good. Sunday night Sterling and I went to Alamo Drafthouse to see Zombieland. This movie was hilarious. I really enjoyed it.
1st-Sep-2009 10:13 pm - College
I enrolled in college classes for this fall semester. I attempted full time classes. I am not sure what made me think I can do that. I work 60-80 hours a week. So, now I am down to half time. Going MWF from 8 am to 9:50 am. Hoping I can do well. Anything other than an A would irritate me.

Loving my Biosciences class, and Survey of Human Sexuality classes.

I have some rants about my advising session, and ending up in classes I now regret, but that is for another time.

I have to go read some chapters for school, and head to bed.
24th-Feb-2009 10:13 am(no subject)
19th-Jan-2009 01:27 pm(no subject)
Nova Boyd's Facebook profile

Incase anyone is using FB that I do not have on my list, or anyone new to it.
9th-Sep-2008 07:51 pm - Sick..eww
Yesterday, I called in sick to take care of everyone at my house who was sick. Everyone here but me was sick. I also started.. so I had really bad cramps that would not go away, and horrible back pain. I suppose it was a good thing that I called in. After all the sick people were back to sleep, I crashed out too. This morning I woke up sick! I went to work, but was miserable. About 2pm, I was in my bosses office talking to him. He was telling me about the meeting the day before, that I missed. After about 15 minutes he said "Nova, why don't you go home, you are so sick." I agreed. I had tried to sleep during lunch, to see if that would help, but it did not.

I came home, asked Sterling to go to CVS to get my anti biotics, and I layed down. He was sweet and took good care of me. My cavaties in my wisdom teeth started to hurt because of my throat and ears and head pounding. I took my anti biotics and a vicodin and took a nap. I only slept two hours. I wanted to sleep much more, but I also want to sleep tonight. I feel pretty decent right now, except for my throat is still itchy. I know most of the reason I feel pretty good is the vicodin though, lol.

Sterling said he feels a lot better today. Alanna has a cough, but she seems to feel okay also. Mmmmm, Sterling just brought me a piece of hot pizza!

He has his friends over to play Bloodbowl. That = me having the evening alone to play wow, to read or watch whatever. It is almost 8pm, and I plan to be in bed by 10, so not much of an evening, but still, a couple of hours just to myself.
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